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Carbon Fiber Advanced Technology

Carbon is a highly innovative high-end material for bike frame building. Comparing to other materials carbon provides better vibration absorption, is stiffer, stronger and has a lower weight. Resulting from a complex manufacturing process, the Carbon Fiber Advanced Technology is the special advanced kind of the carbon fiber juxtaposition. Carbon fibers are arranged in such a way to make the frame even stiffer against horizontal forces but having exceptional damping properties at the same time. The main focus is on weight minimization while taking stiffness and strength optimization to the highest level.


Aluminium RaceLite

Aluminium RaceLite helps us to ultimately refine our top-level alloy frames for racing bikes. The lowest weight and a further increase in strength, stiffness and durability were our top priority when working with Aluminium RaceLite. We not only have built extremely light tubes and exceptionally rigid frames but have also reinforced the critical welding points to achieve the highest resistance to stress and fatigue.


Aluminium SuperLite

Aluminium SuperLite is the next step in treating the Aluminium Lite tubes and is intended to be used by advanced riders. It keeps the perfect balance between lightness stiffness and strength. As the ultimate result, the Aluminium SuperLite frames become lighter and more efficient, improving the overall riding performance.


Aluminium Lite

Aluminium Lite is the best standard for the recreational bikes manufacturing. It allows building very light frames while keeping their strength and rigidity at a high level.


RacePRO Geometry

RacePRO Geometry is race-oriented and targets top level competitions. Race PRO Geometry provides the maximum efficiency in the interaction between the racer and the bicycle. A longer toptube improves the pedaling power transmission. Thanks to the weight transfer closer to the front wheel the RacePRO Geometry takes the steering, acceleration and riding uphill to the highest level.


Race Geometry

Race Geometry has been optimized through countless tests in different terrains and under various conditions. This geometry is mainly intended for participation in races and competitions with a fast and aggressive riding profile. We have made our best to achieve great stability on high speed, masterful curves driving coupled with unrivalled uphill properties.


SFM Performance Geometry

Special For Men Geometry is focused on the men’s body anatomy. SFM Geometry seeks to find the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency. It takes anatomic features of a man’s body into account and caters for a more convenient riding position. Thanks to this smart geometry all pedaling efforts are efficiently transferred into the driving speed, thus improving the general riding performance.


SFL Performance Geometry

As the women’s body anatomy is slightly different from that of men, we have developed Special For Lady Performance Geometry to match the ladies’ requirements in the best way. It considers anatomic features of a woman’s body and provides a more convenient riding position. The ultimate result is great comfort and high performance when riding a SFL Performance Geometry bike.


SFM Active Geometry

Active lifestyle, comfortable seating position and the anatomic features of a man’s body have been our key when working on Special For Man Active Geometry. Just great for weekend trails and evening riding.


SFL Active Geometry

SFL Active Geometry has been created taking into account a woman’s body. Beyond that we have also focused on high comfort, fitness and active spare-time. Ideal for all-round riding and leisure trips.


SFB Geometry

Special For Boy Geometry has been thoroughly adapted for boys, ensuring worry-free secure riding and great comfort.


SFG Geometry

Special For Girl Geometry has been developed to build perfect bicycles for girls, providing maximum comfort and ultimate safety for the child.


Smart Size

Smart size technology allows getting an appropriate wheel size in accordance with the rider’s height. Although the 29” wheels have slightly better rolling characteristics while the 27.5” wheels are a little bit better at acceleration and handling, still the dependence on the body’s structural features is even more important. Smart Size technology offers 27.5” wheels to match the needs of riders who choose smaller frame sizes, while the 29” standard fits better taller ones. Having right size of the wheel can help to enjoy a much better riding experience and to enhance the overall performance.


SolidForm Carbon

SolidForm Carbon is a frame-building technology, through which the front triangle tubes (downtube, headtube, toptube and seattube) are assembled and molded as one continuous piece. This front triangle is then joined by the rear chainstays and seatstays in a secondary process. This technology allows for a solid frame with a low weight and an excellent design, while maintaining the frame strength and stiffness. It improves the rigidity-to-weight ratio and offers an exceptional riding experience.


Frame butting

Frame butting technology consists in applying a variable frame tubes thickness. It helps to get light tubes while keeping a high grade of the frame stiffness and stability. As a result, the bike gets an incredibly light and rigid frame, improving acceleration, steering and uphill riding.


Smart Tube H-Forming

Smart Tube H-Forming helps to build custom shaped tubes by using a liquid under pressure. Such hydroformed tubes permit to combine the maximum frame stiffness and durability with a reasonable weight.


Advanced Tube H-Forming

As further optimization to the development of Smart Tube H-Forming, our top level alloy bikes get an Advanced Tube H-Forming. This technology provides the most precise distribution of the necessary wall thickness in different parts of the frame. This results in a lower weight and the perfect balance between frame lightness and rigidity.


Smooth Welding

Smooth Welding is an advanced special welding technique which improves the durability of the frame by optimizing the stress peaks on the welding area thanks to smooth welding seams. In addition, we get a very modern frame with a nice appearance and a clean elegant look.



Integrated Post Mount is generally used on race level MTB and is a special way to fix the rear disc brake directly on the frame without any additional adaptors, thus providing more powerful, stable and precise braking while reducing the weight.



Chainstay Post Mount is a special way to fix the rear disc brake directly on the frame chainstay. Chainstay Post Mount is an advanced and most up-to-day version of Integrated Post Mount. It offers a cleaner frame look and better protection of the rear disc brake caliper.


Frame Protec

Frame Protec is a technology applied to secure our frames in case of an accident. The mounting thread of the rear derailleur is not inside the frame tube but in a special replaceable hanger, preventing frame damage when a crash occurs. As an additional advantage the replaceable hanger is very easy and quick to replace if needed.


Thru Axle

Thru Axle technology is based on an oversized diameter axle which improves rigidity of the wheel-bike interconnection, resulting in higher bike stability and steering precision. As a further advantage we get a precise removal & installation of the disc-equipped wheels.



Internal Cable Routing is a method of laying cables through the inside of the frame. In addition to an up-to-date and elegant design, this technology protects the cables from external influences such as mud and rain, and guarantees greater safety and durability for them.


PressFit BB

PressFit BB is a special type of the BB set when the bottom bracket bearings are pressed directly into the frame instead of the conventional screwing. A wider bottom bracket shell reduces the weight and increases the frame stiffness significantly, making acceleration and uphill riding easier.


Tapered Headtube

Tapered Headtube is a conic-type headtube that gradually changes its diameter. It is designed to increase the stiffness of the headset and to make the steering more precise. The lower end of the headtube gets an increased diameter (1.5” instead of 1.1/8”), thus providing the highest riding stability and outstanding precision when making turns. Among other benefits are the decreased wear of the headset bearing and a better interaction between the frame and the fork.


10-speed Drivetrain

10-speed Drivetrain pinion is a standard for racing level MTB and allows a more gradual gear adjustment. It makes the gear selection perform better, pedaling becomes even more efficient and easier.


11-speed Drivetrain

11-speed Drivetrain pinion is an actual top level gear standard for mountain bikes. While taking all advantages of 10-speed Drivetrain to the next level, 11-speed Drivetrain allows even wider gear range for superior performance. The 1x11 Drivetrain cuts weight to the very minimum by cancelling the front derailleur & shifter.


DI 2

DI 2 is an electrically powered shifting solution by Shimano that is used instead of conventional cables. A gear change is triggered by pushing the button and is electrically transmitted from shifters to the derailleurs. The ultimate result is an unmatched easiness and precision of the gear shifting



ICE TECHNOLOGIES is a set of Shimano technologies with the final aim to improve braking performance: the braking surface temperature is reduced from 400?C to 300?C, which increases stopping power and cuts down the wear of the brakes.



Shimano Shadow RD is a technology developed to produce the rear derailleur with a low profile and a single tension construction for smooth and silent riding performance. The shadow RD is intended for more aggressive riding with the derailleur not hitting the chainstay in rough riding conditions.



Shimano Shadow RD + is a further development of Shimano Shadow RD. This technology adds a stabilizer to the rear derailleur. The stabilizer reduces chain slap even more, making the derailleur lighter and more efficient than a roller type chain device.



DYNA-SYS technology by Shimano was developed to make the shifting transitions seamless, enabling the rider to deliver consistent and efficient power while maintaining traction and momentum. A combination of a wider gear ratio and a CloseStep chainring minimizes cadence change and pedaling loss, making power transfer more efficient.


Tubeless ready

Tubeless ready wheels allow using tubeless tires if needed. Using the tubeless technology makes tires more resistant against breakdown, reduces the wheels weight, decreases rolling resistance and raises the overall bike performance.